Hello cat lovers! RshPets in touch 😺

  Today we want to tell you about the strength of our products.

  And so, the hexagons, the hex bed and the hex condo are made of plywood 6 mm thick. It seems that this is not so much, but in fact, the product assembled from these parts is quite strong and reliable! Most recently, we tested our shelves and the hex bed can easily withstand 50 lb (about 24 kg)🔥

  Write in a comment if your cat weighs that much😸

  In addition, we made an imitation of a cat jumping on a hex bed (we just threw a 14 lb brick) 😱 And you know what? The shelf remained unharmed 😎

  All other products are made of plywood 15 mm thick. Shelves are very stable and strong, so we can safely say that absolutely all cat's shelves can withstand the weight of your cat (and even two) 😁

  As for fixing the shelves to the wall. We provide the best mounting for our clients! We use fasteners from the German company Fischer Duopower. These mounts are universal and suitable for all types of walls (and even plasterboard). Checked by RshPets 👍🏻

  If you still have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we will be happy to answer you✨

  Take care of yourself and your cats!

  Best regards, RshPets team ❤